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Our proprietary online matchmaking solution is the most fully featured and effective in the world.

We don’t just write dating profiles.  We combine the best of traditional matchmaking, date coaching, and professional services.  Our full spectrum solution takes care of all the hard work, so you’re free to enjoy the benefits; lots of dates with attractive singles.  Ready to swallow the red pill?

We have 3 core values: cutting edge technology, white glove service quality, and James Bond level swagger.  The result is more women, more dates, and less hassle for you.

Online Dating Strategy

Cutting Edge Attraction Technology

Cutting Edge Attraction Technology

Why it’s important:

Because last years bullet-proof online dating methods, are today’s dead-end interactions.  What worked then, is completely different from what works now.  And It’s changing all the time.

At PDA, we life hack full time, gathering front line intelligence daily.  Enabling us to plan strategically, and strike surgically.

White Glove Service Quality

White Glove Service Quality

Why it’s important:

Because in today’s “always on” sexual marketplace of convenience, men & women can be taken for granted.  While in service to our members, and women alike, a personal touch is at the heart of everything we do.

James Bond Swagger

James Bond Swagger

Why it’s important:

Because when it comes to approaching confidently, some things never go out of style.

Technologies change.  But the game remains the same.

Professional Dating Services

Dating Site Selections

There are hundreds of online dating sites out there, but we only focus on the best ones, which actually yield results for our members.

Our experience working across dozens of countries and platforms, provides us with up to date intel on the best practices and strategies for your city.  Simply put, we know what approach works best, and where.

Frequent traveler?  No problem.  We’ll manage your profile for both cities.

Some Online Dating Websites & Apps We Work With

christian mingle
russian cupid
ukraine date
millionaire match
seeking arrangement

Ideal # of profiles per your city size

Big City

10+ Million
NYC, London
LA, Chicago, etc.

1 – 3 Profiles

Medium City

2 – 6 Million
DC, Toronto
Houston, Kiev, etc.

2 – 4 Profiles

Small City

2 Million
Vegas, Orlando
Stockholm, etc.

3 – 5 Profiles

The number of dating profiles we write & manage for you depends on your membership plan.  Allocating this way optimizes your time for the very best platforms, while still giving us access to enough prospects.

Serious or casual.  International or domestic.  Whatever you’re into, we already know the best sites to find it.

So how does it work?


Industrial Strength Online Dating Solution

Professional Dating Profile Writer

“Pimp My Dating Profile”

it’s time for an upgrade.  Pimp my Dating Profile is a premium makeover, where we will apply our proven best practices for online attraction to your existing, or brand new profiles.

Your Personal Dating Assistant will kick things off with what we call our Personality Deep Dive.  She’ll get to know all the key points about who you are, bring to light your most attractive qualities, and better understand the kind of women you’re interested in.

Next, your dating profile writer takes everything we learned from your Personality Deep Dive, and re-writes your profile from the ground up, using our data backed ‘Attractive Archetypes’ profile modeling.

attractive archetypes 2
attractive archetypes for online dating

Friend Archetypes

  • Hipster Cool

  • Nerd Chic

  • World Traveler

  • Funny & Fun

Lover Archetypes

  • Athletic Competitor

  • Artist / Musician

  • Smooth Operator

  • Bad Boy

Provider Archetypes

  • Hustler Ambition

  • Successful & Established

  • Old Fashioned Gentlemen

  • Nurturing & Sweet

Leveraging huge data sets across multiple international cities, we stuff your profile full of proven keywords and phrases that your preferred type of woman is most likely to respond to, based on key personality indicators.

From there, we test your new response rate against your former, and iterate with a 2nd pass until we’re sure that your new & improved profile is the best it can be.

After our pimping process, the % response rate to your dating profile goes up, helping you stand out amid the crowds of commoners.

But crafting your new & improved online dating profile is just the tip

Photography Selection & Referral Service

Dating Pictures Analysis & Selection

Time to talk dating pictures.  While your dating profile is being pimped, your wingwoman will run crowd sourced A/B split tests on your pictures, to determine which of your photos are most attractive to women.  You might think that picture of you & your dog is a chick magnet (and maybe it is), but our data backed consensus will validate the theory.

Scores came in low?  This is not a problem.  We simply call in a referral with a professional in your city, who “gets” online dating photography.

Together, we’ll get you a look that’s congruent with your personality archtype.  Perhaps your 1 part ‘artist/musician’ calls for a great live shot, while your ‘ambitious hustler’ side practically requires a cool suit.  Whatever our angle is, you’ll be ready to rock & roll after your GQ photo session.

Important to note that while great pictures qualify you for competition, they only get you in front of an audience.  Great pictures alone won’t win you dates with the more attractive women online.  We’ve worked with male models who before working with us, couldn’t get the hotter looking women online if their lives depended on it.  Now these guys are in the stratosphere.

To compete for attention, we’ll whip your dating profile into top shape.  But to actually win dates, taking consistent action, along with flawless execution, is what separates the posers, from the true champions…

Pictures chance of message leading to conversation

Doing something interesting

Travel picture

Picture with an animal

Having fun with friends

How to Meet Women Online

Hot Prospect Locating

Blondes or brunettes?  Cougars or kittens?  Big brains or big…you get the picture.  Using your specific interests for our search criteria, we scan dating profiles for the best looking women with those exact traits, and when located, add her to your personalized list.

Additionally, we look for specific keywords in her profile that we track internally, which if seen, are more likely to result in a response, a relationship, or something more spontaneous…

By applying our keyword behavioral analysis to a womans profile, we can get a read on how game a given girl is likely to be for what you’re looking for, compared to others.


  • Career

  • Cat & Book

  • Shy


  • Intellectual

  • Fashionista

  • Cosmopolitan


  • Geek Culture

  • Artist

  • Big Tattoos


  • Travel Addict

  • Outdoors

  • Country


  • Party Girl

  • Queen Bee

  • Material Girl

Girl Next Door

  • Family First

  • Romantic

  • Sweetheart

After locating, but before messaging these promising candidates, your assistant will try to identify her personality traits and challenge level, and cross reference them with our proven introduction style matrix.  This helps us determine the type of opening message we send her.


If all that sounds unbelievable for a match making service, just compare your new response rate to your old.  After experiencing the benefits yourself, you can call us unbelievably effective.

Outbound Ghostwriter Messaging Service

Internet Dating on Cruise Control

The next fundamental ingredient for securing your massive dating success, is a massive outbound effort.

The introduction messages we send on your behalf are always custom tailored to the woman in question.  Unlike other dating assistant services, you’ll never have to worry about getting called out on an embarrassing “copy & paste” job.  We don’t use canned openers.  1 size fits all messages are not allowed here.

We also avoid in-depth “getting-to-know-you” type correspondence.  In keeping our banter light & flirty, you’ll be able to deliver the more personal details about yourself, live & in-person.


DISCLAIMER – Our powers begin, and end, online.  Finishing what we start is your job.  In other words;  In-person chemistry still required.


As for our approach to messaging, we use a best-of-all-worlds blend of strong mass messaging, and delicate follow up correspondence.  Each outbound play follows a proven 4 step formula.

Our Messaging, Play-by-Play

step-2First we signal interest, while demonstrating that we’ve actually read & enjoyed her profile & pictures.  We’ll often make a statement, ask a question, and sprinkle in some observational humor.

step1After her response rolls in, the game is officially on.  Our second message is simply to make her smile, while amping up the flirtatious vibe.

step-3Next, we engage her imagination, and while the iron is still hot, leave her eager to know more…

step-4Time to close the deal.  We pitch her the in-person rendezvous, and upon acceptance, promptly hand the digits over to you.
She’s in your hands from here.

In the hyper competitive sea of online fishes, only the top guys really eat.  The rest get scraps.  Adapt or die, it’s your choice.

New PDA member?

You’re the shark now.  Because we do the fishing for you.

Messages we send on your behalf are finely tuned, laser guided missiles of game supremacy.  Hand crafted to get her number, and give her the opportunity to meet you.  Live & in-person.


That’s just what we do.

Professional Dating Service

Inbound Interest Generation

In addition to our outbound writing campaign, our monthly service also includes a complimentary inbound component, for racking up hundreds, even thousands of views on your profile, depending on your hours and city size.

Using proprietary in-house technology, we run regularly scheduled automations for turning the tables in your favor, getting the women to come around looking for you.  Not to mention, women who viewed your profile previously are 76% more likely to respond.  In a place where attractive women hold all the cards, how’s that for stacking the deck?

David Deida, a wise author once wrote, “choose a woman who chooses you”.  Here at PDA, we agree.  Warm prospects are better than cold.  Especially on those lonely nights.  Which, you won’t have many of after you’re on board with us.

What can we say…woman who choose PDA members have exquisite taste.

Did we mention our inbound interest generation works on all major dating platforms?  Yes, even Tinder!

Online Dating Coaches

Expert Phone Coaching

So we’ve had an great month together, and we got a stack of phone numbers for you.  Now what?  Enter PDA phone coaching.

Because every woman & situation is different, it’s natural to seek out advice from a dating expert.  That’s why we bundle 1 – 4 hours of phone coaching with every subscription we sell.

Girl being unresponsive?  Unsure what to text her next?  This is not a problem.  We’re here to help.  Our assistants have answers.

Online Dating Assistant

Custom Tailored Dating Consultant Service


When starting new services, it’s important for your assistant to learn about where you are in your online dating journey.  Through identifying your existing success level, challenges, and future goals, together you will determine if to proceed with our proven regimen, or to take a slightly modified approach.

For those brand new, just for lunch style daters, or for non-performing profiles, we can tailor your hours away from mass messaging, in favor of spending additional time working on your photography referrals, profile refinement, and date coaching.

For the majority of profiles that are already getting some results, our standard offerings come pre-tuned out of the box for intermediates.  It includes all the same beginner services, while maximizing your hours for inbound & outbound correspondence, in an effort to get you as many dates lined up as possible.

Already good at online dating?  Ready to put it on auto-pilot, or narrow in on your end game girl?  No problem. We’ll focus on target selection, profile screening, and automation.  We’ll still do a little sprucing up here & there. But if it ain’t broke, we won’t try to fix it.

Wherever you’re at, and whatever your dating goals, we serve so you can enjoy.  To that end, we suggest you stick with our proven strategies.  But if you need an adjustment, your dating assistant is there to assist.  For anything dating related!