Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Personal Dating Assistant?

The Job

80% Sending hundreds of introductions to attractive women online, making light banter, and winning phone numbers.

20% Scheduling & leading calls, getting to know members, writing an amazing dating profile for them, finding local photographers & giving direction, providing date coaching, and logging hours & records for everything.


1000% going above & beyond to keep members happy

What's in it for you

Ground floor opportunity at a bleeding edge startup in the sexy & growing dating services industry

$14 per hour, + up to 30% performance based bonus

Work from home

Flexible full time or part time hours

Commitment Required

The time, interest & stamina to send hundreds of thoughtful messages to women on the dating sites every week, for at least the next 6 months of your life.

Commitment to an “on call” personal assistant role 2 hours per day minimum, including night & weekend availability.

Daily Skype check ins, and daily monitoring of dating profiles.

No pre-existing 9-5 office job, or similar commitment that would conflict with working as a dating assistant from your home office.

Relevant Experience

Personal assistant experience

Customer service experience

Creative writing experience

Online dating expertise

Salesforce CRM

Ideal Candidate

Friendly & enthusiastic phone personality.

Engaging & funny writing ability.

Owns a fast computer, and is fast ON the computer.

Organized, Comfortable with Google Calendar. Punctual

“Can-do” attitude!


Being a PDA is not easy.  It’s demanding work.  But it can also be fun & rewarding.

Application Instructions

You get 1 chance to make a first impression.  Make yours count.

Please read our entire website. Be ready to show that you understand exactly what we do, that you understand the key tasks this role performs, and include answers to the following 3 questions;


1. Experience: What would make you an excellent Personal Dating Assistant for men? (your experience as an assistant, or your online dating track record, for example)

2. Service: An example of a time that you went above and beyond for a client.

3. Messaging sample: This is the most important part.  Imagine I’m an attractive woman on a dating website. Show us you have game. Your opening message should grab my attention, leave me intrigued, and want to respond…(hint: make me laugh!)  The reason most applicants get passed on is due to a poor opening message example.

Utilize the examples in the links provided, or there is a 95% chance we will pass on your application.

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