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A brilliant service! I was initially hesitant to sign up, but with having time poverty on my hands, and a lack of online dating success, I decided to go for it. My assistant (Kayla) wrote me a profile that just blew my mind, and within the first few weeks, I had gone from having no dates to an average of 2-3 dates a week! And they were according to my preferences. The service and coaching was first-class and I would highly recommend Personal Dating Assistants.


I was skeptical of PDA at first, but they delivered on 110% of what they promised. The writer that was assigned to my account (Erika) wrote an amazing profile and was extremely thoughtful and attentive to my requests and preferences. I would (and have) highly recommend this any one who is looking to take their online dating game to the next level.

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For a few hundred bucks, I'm supplied with great talent!

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Los Angeles

These dudes are really good at doing the hard work, while I sit back and connect with someone I KNOW will be what I'm into.

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San Diego

Dating success is sweet.

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Dallas TX

Nightlife in Miami is brutal. My business keeps me very busy. Matt and the guys at PDA manage my online dating so I don't have to do anything. For the price of 1 big night out, every week they send me new girls. Really what's not to like.

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I never thought someone else, even a pro, could do a better job at qualifying the ladies than me. Isn't it all about time and energy?

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When I first signed up I didn't know what to expect. Thankfully, Melynda led me every step of the way. They pimped my profile, handled all the messaging, but I prefer to set up my own dates via txt. Still, I can't believe I used to do this all myself. Definitely go with PDA until you meet the right girl. I did in just 3 months.

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St. Paul MN

killin' it...

got 2 dates this weekend.

gotta say, wish i had discovered you guys a long time ago, this is definitely the way for a guy like me or in my circumstances to do this online dating thing.

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Washington DC

I use it for getting laid. If I could date every night, I would. PDA works even better when combined with my own messaging. They do a good job following up because sometimes I forget myself and girls slip through the cracks. No bueno.
I used to date once a week. Now I'm at double or triple. Not planning on marriage or kids, so I'll probably be a customer for life

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At first I was reluctant to try it.  Who wants to pay someone else to find me dates,  but after reading a bit I actually realized I was spending half my life, and plenty of times failing anyway.  My time is way more valuable.  I pay someone else to do my other chores, and now this.  I travel a lot too and this XXXX service makes my lonely road time entertaining to say the least.

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