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No matches on Tinder?

  • TurboBoost for Tinder is an automated mass matching service

  • Unlike ineffective “auto-liker” tools, only TurboBoost inserts your profile at the top of every woman’s swipe queue.

  • The result is hundreds, to thousands of Tinder matches per week (depending on profile, age range, and city size).

  • It runs in the cloud, and requires no input from the user.  You simply tell us your desired age range, location, and we put TurboBoost into action for you.

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Here at Personal Dating Assistants, we understand how you feel about no matches on Tinder.  The missed opportunity.  The frustration.

We understand, because like you, we were also searching for a better way to connect with attractive women online.

But while Tinder remains the best platform for guys looking to meet a younger demographic of women online, it’s not without it’s challenges.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Imagine what life would be like, with an extra 100 Tinder matches this Friday night?

Tinder starts out great


When first joining Tinder, things start out with a bang.

Swiping through the app, it’s seems like a revolution.  There’s no shortage of attractive women on it.  You get matches.  You can’t believe you hadn’t tried it sooner.

Then things change.  Abruptly.  The matches slow down.  It leaves you wondering “why am I getting no matches on Tinder”?

If this story sounds familiar, that’s because the same thing happened to us, and every guy we’ve worked with who used the app.  Including our members here at Personal Dating Assistants.

As online dating experts, we had to investigate just what was going on with Tinder…and the truth was unsettling;

For men on Tinder, women are not seeing your profile anymore.

Wait.  Say…what?

The real reason you have no matches on Tinder


Tinder’s algorithm gives new profiles a visibility boost.  This gets new users enjoying the app, and invested into using it.  But over time, you get placed on the back burner, the matches slow down, and you become a sad panda.

Once this happens, it doesn’t matter if you look like Ryan Gosling on a good hair day.  if your profile isn’t at the top of the women’s swipe queue, it’s hardly getting seen in the first place.


Compounding this problem, is that when compared to women, us guys tend to swipe a lot more.

With men swiping more, the women’s match queues grow very deep over time.  Especially the more attractive ones.  And because women swipe through fewer men’s profiles in return, most guys never even get a shot at being seen by her.

This difference in user behavior, and visibility algorithm, is the reason why guys eventually get no matches on the Tinder app.

How to get matches on Tinder


To get more matches on Tinder, your profile needs to be shown to more women who are actively swiping through the app. But how?

Until now, the only options available were;

Join Tinder

New profiles get a visibility boost

Change Location

Gives you a short term visibility boost

Buy Tinder Plus

Provides a small visibility boost

Click Superlike

Puts you at the top of her swipe queue.  (Limited to 5 per day)

For the average guy, the above tips can provide incrementally more matches. But only by having your profile presented to substantially more women can you get substantially more matches.

Auto-likers no longer work effectively, after Tinder caught wind of them, and made changes to the algorithm.  So what’s the best way?

Introducing TurboBoost for Tinder

100 matches in 1 day is just the tip of the iceberg.

Typical results such as 500 matches over a weekend in Chicago are not uncommon for decent looking men with quality photos.

And if you live in a world city like New York or London?  Upwards of 1000 matches per week is possible.

How it works


Our cloud based solution boosts your profile, so that it appears at the top of every woman’s swipe queue in your target area.

It runs non-stop 24/7 throughout your boost period, ensuring that every female in your area who is active during this time has a chance to see you, and swipe your profile.

And say goodbye to tedious manual swiping.  Our cloud tool handles it automatically, so no swiping is required by you whatsoever during your boost period.

Simply send us your login details, preferred age range, location radius, and time you’d like us to go live.

Then you might want to sit down, because your phone is about to blow up with an explosion of interested women, ready to communicate with you.

How did we do it?


TurboBoost for tinder is the product of extensive research into the enigmatic Tinder algorithm.  We’ve partnered with rock star computer programming talent to reverse engineer the code, and offer you the most game changing online dating edge in the world.

Can you handle it?

While some of our members love the dating opportunities that having hundreds of Tinder matches presents, it isn’t for everyone.  Some guys get overwhelmed at having so many prospects come available in such a short period of time.  If this sounds like you, then consider retaining a Personal Dating Assistant (our primary offering) to manage communication for you.

Limited Time offer

TurboBoost for Tinder has been working successfully under the radar for 1 year.  But due to the disruptive nature of it, we can’t guarantee it will be available for long.

So if you’re interested in lots of matches on Tinder, now is the time to act.

Choose your subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work?

In a word, yes.

We we were quite skeptical ourselves until we got our hands on the finished product in action, and tested extensively.  If you’ve tried other tools, rest assured, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.  Prepare to be blown away.

Why isn't it cheaper?

TurboBoost is the only service of it’s kind available anywhere in the world.

Our rate reflects the considerable amount of research & development time our partners have invested into making TurboBoost a reality.

Upon first use, subscribers understand the value right away.  For a benefit as big as revolutionizing your dating life, the cost is negligible.

If you still think it’s expensive for it’s results, consider this; Turboboost typically works out to less than $1 per match.

Can I choose who I match with?

No.  TurboBoost is an auto matching service.

The only filtering parameters are those available within the app itself, namely; age, location, and distance.

Typically, TurboBoost subscribers simply don’t follow up with the matches they’re not interested in.  Or manually unmatch them.

Will I get matched with hot girls?

While TurboBoost will get your profile viewed by thousands of women, it can’t control who swipes yes or no to your profile.

Expect TurboBoost to match women at or around the same attractiveness that you’re currently accustomed to dating.

How does the guarantee work?

Our guarantee is provided to give you confidence that TurboBoost delivers tons of matches.

If for any reason you don’t get your guaranteed number of matches within your TurboBoost period, we’ll pause billing, and keep you TurboBoosted until we do.

Matches deleted by you still count towards your total.

If you live in a small city, or metro area of less than 2 million people, there is no guarantee.

How do I prepare my Tinder account for TurboBoost?

  1. TurboBoost requires a regular Tinder Plus subscription to work.  This costs $10-$20 within the app, depending on your city.  So make sure you get one if you don’t have one already.
  2. TurboBoost can only match with women’s profiles that haven’t been swiped yet.  So if you’ve already swiped through a lot of matches in your target city, we suggest you delete and/or create a new Tinder account for use with TurboBoost.


Can you help with my Tinder profile?

Yes!  As a separate purchase, consider our primary Personal Dating Assistant offering, where we can pimp all of your dating profiles.

Members are assigned an online dating wingman to handle all messaging, professionally write your dating profile, pro photography referral, photo scoring, and much more.

It’s the ultimate combination.

Can I TurboBoost in different cities?

Yes.  As a TurboBoost subscriber, you may change your target location once per week.

Subscribers find this particularly useful for pipelining dates in advance of their travels.

Do I need to provide my Facebook info?

Because Tinder uses a Facebook login & pass to authenticate the app, we’ll need it to access your account.

For subscribers who prefer not to share their Facebook login & pass, you can create a separate Facebook & Tinder account for use with TurboBoost.

Ok, let's do this! What happens after I sign up?

After payment confirmation, you will be asked to provide login information, location, and target age range.

TurboBoost will go live within 48 hours of receiving all of your information.

What if I don't have a Tinder profile?

Anyone can install the Tinder app and make a free profile.  However if you want the best profile possible, a Personal Dating Assistant can make it for you, should you choose to purchase a regular PDA membership.

TurboBoost for Tinder is currently closed.

To join our waiting list, and be alerted when service re-opens, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Personal Dating Assistant service is still available.

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