How Our Professional Dating Service Works

Why hire an online dating agent?

When you’re in the market for a home, you don’t do that yourself. You work with a professional agent, who represents you, and navigates you through the entire process.

For guys in the online singles market, finding a partner is just as important, if not more so.

Guys who use a professional dating service recognize that this stuff is hard work, and best left to a professional.

Why do I need a virtual assistant to message women for me online?

Men hire us because they have neither the time, expertise or interest in doing it themselves.

The job of an assistant sending messages on behalf of a busy employer has been around for centuries. In our current information age, everything difficult, or time intensive, is outsourced. From taxes, to haircuts, to the assembly of our computers. We rely on dedicated professionals who do things for us. We do it for convenience, and because they execute these tasks better than we could ever do ourselves.

Chances are you already outsource your online banking every month…so why not your online dating?

Is ghostwriting to women online misleading?


Your PDA uses messaging only as a tool for signaling interest, and to exchange contact information.  Not to foster premature “cyber-relationships”.  The actual “getting-to-know-you” phase still happens live & in-person.

What kind of messages do you send?

The messages we send on your behalf are introductions.  Often observational, with a playful, lighthearted tone.  We don’t get particularly deep, or into any lengthy back & forth correspondence.

Instead, we keep it to a few short, but highly effective letters.  We go through the usual motions, common to all online interactions.  Then we suggest a meet up, and exchange contact info, so you can get to know each other offline.

Am I able to see the messages that you send?

Yes.  We share the same dating website login information.  You’ll also get an email alert any time we win a new phone number for you.

How do you manage my Tinder, Bumble, or other dating app for me?

Your virtual dating assistant uses special desktop software to manage all your dating profiles, right from their home office.

What if I was presented a certain way online, but in-person I'm not like that?

Our deep dive phone consultation is designed specifically for us to gain insight into “what you’re like”.

Your freshly pimped out profile is based on the information you provide us with, and will do most of the heavy personality lifting for you, rather than our messaging. Additionally, your profile is approved by you before we send our 1st message.

As your personal dating agent, we never represent you to be something you’re not.

What if she imagined me a certain way online, but in-person I'm different?

Online messaging has nothing to do with in-person chemistry.

A 1st date from online is a “mostly-blind” date.  Once in-person, imaginary online personas are forgotten, and it’s judgement time.  A spark will ignite, or it won’t.  This happens regardless of messages exchanged previously, and it applies to men & women alike.

Bottom line?  Effective messaging is key for securing the initial meet up, but inconsequential beyond that.  In-person chemistry trumps all.

With this in mind, our messaging service is designed to get you her contact info quickly, so you can meet in-person sooner, and minimize castles in the sky.

Why are you guys so talented & handsome?

It’s a tough job.  But someones gotta do it.

How do you quantify attractiveness?

During your Personality Deep Dive, your PDA will go through a list of qualities, to understand the types of women you find attractive, as a starting point.

Later on, we take into account your feedback on the phone numbers we’ve gotten.  Over time, we get better & better at knowing your ideal types.

I'm VERY selective/only interested in highest quality.

While we will make every effort to win top quality dates for more selective members, we can’t promise it.

This is because the most attractive women on the dating sites get dozens, sometimes hundreds of messages per day.

Will a PDA get me hot girls?

Expect your PDA to win Date Opportunities from women at or around the same attractiveness that you’re currently accustomed to dating.

What is considered a "Date Opportunity"?

A Date Opportunity is when we obtain a woman’s contact information on your behalf.  We mark this step as the end of our correspondence with the woman, and the beginning of you taking it over.  Handing off here, gives you the flexibility to arrange the specific time & “date”, at your convenience.

Some members prefer their personal assistant to arrange the in-person time & date for them.  We will make every effort to accommodate this request, but due to the unpredictable nature of single women changing their minds & times last minute, this isn’t always possible.

In our experience, we find that women 18-25 prefer the guy make date arrangements with them over text, while women 26+ prefer to receive an old fashioned phone call.

What do you consider her contact information?

The vast majority of the time, “contact information” means her phone number.

Occasionally, it will be her username on the contact application of her choice, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.  We only do this if she doesn’t have regular phone service.  More rarely, it will be because she feels more comfortable setting the date over an app, rather than voice or text.

It’s worth mentioning that the younger the woman, the more likely she is to shy away from old fashioned phone conversation, and prefer to correspond with you over txt.

What happens after you meet the guaranteed amount of Wins? Do you stop messaging?

We don’t stop there.  We will keep on going until we’ve delivered all of your Outbound Initiative hours.

What's the difference between Outbound Initiative Hours and Follow Up Time?

Your weekly Outbound Initiative hours include searching, swiping, and personalized introductions.  They’re always delivered in full by the end of your Service Month.

“Follow Up” time is for daily monitoring of your profiles, responding to women who write back, setting up dates, and winning phone numbers.  This time is also used to correspond with your PDA, optimize your profile, run automation tools, and other tasks to make you successful.

What if you don't deliver results? Can I get a refund?

Yes.  We are so confident in our system, that if we don’t meet the minimum # of guaranteed Date Opportunities per your plan, we offer a money back guarantee.

We want satisfied customers.  The purpose of this policy is 2 fold; To give you peace of mind, and hold ourselves accountable to your ongoing success.

For full details, please see our Terms of Use.

I want to do things my way. Do you offer Custom Service?

On a case by case basis, we will sometimes accommodate Members who want to do things differently from our highly recommended Standard Service.  Custom Service requirements may include;

messaging pre-approval member curated target lists copy & paste message templates member follow up messaging & takeovers 

While your dating assistant will still make every effort to get you results with her limited powers, there is no guarantee with Custom Service.

What if there was interest before we met up, but no chemistry once we're in-person?

Charge it to the game.

Unpredictable compatibility & attraction is one of the (few) drawbacks of online dating.

We guarantee the opportunities.  We don’t guarantee in-person sparks.

Can I tell the girl I used your messaging service?

If you want to, sure.

Our professional opinion?  Save it for pillow talk.  PDA members report a higher than average pillow fight survival rate.

I'm a woman. Will PDA work for me?

It’s very possible.  We just can’t guarantee results for women, because our solution is optimized for the needs of men.

For women, we adjust our process by focusing more on target selection, and date coaching, rather than winning a guaranteed number of dating opportunities.

Why not guarantee service for women?

Men & women approach online dating differently.

Attractive women use the sites as a screening tool.  They act as gate keepers.  Men as a result, are forced to perform a lot of repetitive actions just to get a response.  Men have to try many locks, until they find one they have a shot at opening.

Our messaging service, and inbound lead generation tools were designed with the needs of men in mind.  That is, to make it past the female screening process.

We look forward to offering a separate service, tailored specifically to the needs of women in the future.

I'm LGBT. Will it work for me?

Our service is designed to be effective for straight men.  While we have adapted our service to work for other types before, our experience is limited.  ie. we can’t guarantee it.

Ok, let's do this! How long does it take to get started after signing up?

Once you sign up, we process you into our system, and assign you your PDA based on availability.

After assignment, we kickoff our “setup phase” by scheduling your Personality Deep Dive intake call.  From there, we craft your profile, refer photographers, and get everything set up.

It typically takes a week or so before we begin our messaging campaign.  Sometimes the setup phase can take longer, but don’t worry.  We’ll still deliver all your service.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership plan later?

Yes.  Existing members can change their membership tier, or billing cycle, at any time.

This may be accomplished through our Members “My-Account” page.

Can I pause it later? I have some travel coming up.

Yes.  You may “freeze” services with us once per quarter.  Lots of PDA members are frequent travelers.  Some prefer that we hold off on messaging until they return.

Other Members like us to continue getting phone numbers while they’re away, so they have dates ready to go when they get back.  Or to build…anticipation.